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Optimize mobility and reduce disruptions in your busy day with our lightweight, waterproof orthotic for fractures. Don’t suffer through itchiness and sweat in a bulky traditional cast or brace.

  • FDA listed
  • Set in minutes
  • Easy to mold
  • No 3D printers, no toasters, no water baths
  • Radiolucent


Quality you trust


Strength inspired by you


Move how you want

I need this for my patients


Showering! How could I have possibly had a traditional cast on my dominant hand? It was a no-brainer for me.


It’s really comfortable. It wasn’t as hot on my skin and it was really quick to put on. It was a pain-free process.

Less Bulky

This was much less bulky, much less awkward and large. When you have a traditional cast, you are very aware of it. I would forget this one was on.


I would 100% recommend it for someone else. I just think it’s a much more livable way of healing.

-Mackenzie, Chicago

I need this for myself!

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