Cast21 creates revolutionary waterproof casts, brace, and splints fit for the 21st century. The orthotic devices eliminate the main causes of patient complaints and clinical complications associated with traditional orthopedic casts.

The Cast21 journey started in May 2015 after a simple exchange between the cofounders, both in their senior year at The University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign.
Because of their respective life experiences, they both agreed that traditional casting created far too many issues with sweat, bacteria, and overall patient discomfort to be truly efficacious in healing injuries. Therefore, the two felt an inherent need to partner up and gear their senior project toward changing the fundamental structure and design of the cast.
After being selected for and completing training as part of the iVenture Accelerator and the Zeroto510 Accelerator, we are proud to announce our solution for joint and fracture care that is better than a waterproof cast: Osteon Defender.

The Cast21 orthotic Osteon Defender works by bracing the injured joint, much like a cast, but in a more gentle manner. It begins as a soft and web-shaped sleeve that is easily hardened directly on the patient’s body by a medical professional through the introduction of a resin.

The result is a method of orthopedic bracing that is considerably lighter, more hygienic, and more comfortable than a regular plaster or fiberglass cast, while still conforming to medical regulations for fracture and injury treatment.
This device is unique and different from the traditional cast, thus improving upon its predecessor in several key ways. By mitigating the main issues that patients have with regular casts, Cast21 embodies the high-technology, customized care approach that today’s patients crave from their medical devices and practitioners.

We are excited to help patients and providers heal better with Osteon Defender. We are always brainstorming new applications for ourfracture orthotic. One potential future iteration of which incorporates pulsing electrodes to help facilitate the body’s own healing processes.
Over the past few years, we prepared several iterations of prototypes, pitched and presented at multiple competitions and technology showcases, been featured on WGN TV, Engadget, and other numerous publications. We are overjoyed to watch our patients actually enjoy the healing experience, and we are confidently heading into 2019 as a health startup to watch on the national level.
What started as a senior engineering project now has the potential to improve the quality and time to healing for patients of all types of orthopedic injury. For more information on Cast21, contact us or see our Press page.